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Monday, May 23, 2022

Book Review and Giveaway - Presence-The Story of Adel Author: Lana Wetzel On Tour with Celebrate Lit


About the Book

Book: Presence-The Story of Adel

Author: Lana Wetzel

Genre: Inspirational Fiction/Women’s Fiction/Religious Romance

Release date: April 27, 2021

presence-ebook-cover.bf81f7d9Adel Davis knows something has to change. Living with her parents after her husband left isn’t working out, especially where her son Noah is concerned. Ever since he arrived eight months earlier, Adel has been longing for space and independence. She longs for the family that God has written on her heart.

When Adel learns that she has inherited her grandparents’ old apple orchard in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, she knows exactly what she wants to do. She and Noah leave her parents’ home in San Francisco to discover a new life at Sweet Valley Farms.

What will she find when she gets there? Will living alone on a rural apple farm be more than Adel can bear? What about the attention she begins to receive from a few local men? As Adel learns what it means to run the orchard, she also discovers what it means to have a people, a place, and a home. A girl can start a new life; she just can’t do it alone.


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About the Author

As a writer of inspirational fiction and singer/songwriter, Lana offers a unique gift in service to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Characterized by her experiences growing up in rural Northeast Georgia and now as a wife and homeschool mother of four, her works reflect an honesty and a gentle natural beauty that is often missed and sorely needed in a culture saturated with transient entertainment and consumerism. Whether making meals, lesson plans, story arcs, or song lyrics, Lana is listening for the still quiet Voice to draw her nearer to where even messiness and failure can become a redeemed work of art.


More from Lana

When the pace of life is set at break-neck speed and the pressure is on to sacrifice self and family for the sake of achievement, I find joy in writing stories that show a hint of something else: something simpler, something slower. A world where people stop and get to know one another (and themselves). A world where people literally “stop to smell the roses”. Where they hear the birds sing and notice the flowers bloom in the springtime. A world where family and friends and place matter. Where traditions yield comfort and joy. Where home means more than just a house you return to at the end of a long day. Where delight and wonder can be found in the commonplace of everyday life. Where friendships flourish and love blossoms. A place where life happens, and it’s never boring!


In “Presence – The Story of Adel”, Doris Jones takes Adel under her wing and teaches her about life. One of the special memories they share is making blueberry muffins together. Here’s the recipe:


Doris’ Blueberry Muffins:


½ cup butter

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

½ cup milk

2 cups flour

2 tsp. baking powder

½ tsp. baking soda

½ tsp. salt

2 tsp. cinnamon

1 ½ cups blueberries, fresh or frozen

2 Tbsp. sugar (for sprinkling on top)


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In a large mixing bowl, cream together butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Gently blend in the milk. In a separate bowl: mix flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon. Add blueberries and stir only until well dusted. Fold the flour mixture into the sugar mixture with a spoon and place into muffin cups or a well-greased muffin tin. Bake 10 minutes then sprinkle extra sugar over the tops. Bake 10 more minutes or until golden brown. Enjoy!

My Thoughts

 Presence-The Story of Adel is written by Lana Wetzel. This is a new to me author, and I enjoyed her book. This is a book about growth. We have our main character, Adel Davis who went from her parents home to being married. She then goes through a divorce, and moves back into her parents home. She has not had much independence in her life. However, life changes when she finds out that has inherited land from her grandmother in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. So, she moves there with her son, Noah. 

I admire her bravery. She packs up and heads to a place where she had great childhood memories. She was finally going to be on her own. What will await her? It will not be all sunshine and roses, and it will test her faith. We also meet Nathan. Nathan helps Adel get settled and helps out. I really liked his character. He made me smile. 

The book is well written, the story flows nicely. The characters are realistic and well written. I enjoyed Adel's story. 

Thank you to the author, publisher and Celebrate Lit for allowing me to read a copy of this book. 

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To celebrate her tour, Lana is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 amazon gift card with a hard copy of the book!!

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Book Review and Giveaway -Anything but Pink by J.C. Benthin Hosted by Children's Book Review


Anything But Pink Awareness Tour sponsored by J.C. Benthin

The Children’s Book Review

Join us on this virtual book tour for Anything But Pink by J.C. Benthin!

Anything but Pink: Book Cover

Anything But Pinkis a great choice for encouraging kiddos to embrace and accept themselves just as they are!

To learn more, follow along on the virtual book tour and enter the giveaway below for the chance to win an autographed copy of Anything But Pink and Pink is Unique book tote!

My Thoughts

Anything but Pink by J.C. Benthin is a fun children’s picture book. This contains a great lesson for children to learn. 

Zinnia is the only pink person in a very gold world. However a bully tells her that pink stinks. Zinnia then tries to conform to who the bully told her she should be. Zinnia then goes on a quest trying to be who the bully said she should. Along the journey she meets a lot of fun friends that show her that she can be who she is supposed to be. That her worth and value is not in the opinion of others. 

I remember when I was younger and I was watching Mr. Rogers. I remember him telling me (well and everyone else that was watching) that “There is only one person in the whole world like you, and people can like you just because you're you.” This message has always stuck with me growing up. I feel like this book helps convey that message. 

The pictures are bright, vivid and appealing. I read this book with my 9 and 11 year old sons. They enjoyed the story. 

Thank you to the author, publisher and Children’s book review for allowing me to read a copy of this book. 

This is a paid partnership between the author/publisher and Children's Book Review - all thoughts are my own. 

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Anything But Pink Book Giveaway

How to Enter

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  • You can also gain daily bonus entries.
  • The giveaway begins May 9, 2022, at 12:01 A.M. MT and ends June 9, 2022, at 11:59 P.M. MT.
  • The giveaway is only open to legal residents of the United States and is void where prohibited by law.
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About the Book

Anything but Pink: Book Cover

Anything But Pink

Written by J.C. Benthin

Illustrated by Andy Catling

Ages 3-8 | 34 Pages

Publisher: Kaleidoscope Volcano | ISBN-13: 978-1733990028

Publisher’s Synopsis: Zinnia is the only pink person in a very gold world. After being told that pink stinks by a golden bully, she goes on a quest to get rid of her pink for good. Along the way, Zinnia learns a valuable lesson. Will she embrace her unique pink, or will she change to be just like everyone else?

Buy the Book
Jen Benthin: Author Headshot

About the Author

J.C. Benthin has been writing since a young age winning a Father’s Day essay contest with the Kansas City Star justifying “Why my Dad’s the Best Outdoorsman” which won a John Deere Lawnmower and a Weber Grill. She has written Timmy the Time MachinePink Princess, and Anything but a Prince for a next-generation interactive children’s publisher. She has also written two young adult novels titled Catapult and Slingshot in The Kingston Chronicles Series. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). She resides in Berkeley, California.

For more information, visit

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Book Review and Giveaway -If You Really Knew Me Author: Alison Cheah On tour with Celebrate Lit


About the Book

Book: If You Really Knew Me

Author: Alison Cheah

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction

Release date: December, 2021

Tommy is glad of friendships which make him forget the situation at home. His father’s illness makes his behavior so unpredictable that the whole family must tip-toe around him for fear of becoming the butt of his anger.

Elise wishes her twin sister didn’t think being champion swimmers was an adequate goal for their lives. She has her own dreams to fulfil.

Carrie hides a secret, avoiding other students so nobody will ever find it out. But Tommy and Elise both look to Carrie to save them from their situations.

Until she disappears.

Tommy’s protective instinct kicks in, and Elise reassesses her priorities so she can help keep Carrie safe.


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About the Author

Alison Cheah worked at Youth for Christ for five years and volunteers with her church youth group. One of her favorite activities is preparing Bible Studies and seeking how to connect the stories of the Bible with her students’ own stories.

As a child she was always to be seen with her nose in a book, and nothing has changed. One of her favorite authors was Patricia St. John. Her characters are people you want to know, and you are rooting for them to overcome their problems, but for Alison, the added dimension was that each person discovers their answers in Jesus. She saw that the faith she had grown up with had applicability in real life.

Her prayer is that this story has the same result for you.


More from Alison

I spent five years working at Youth for Christ with middle school students like Tommy, Carrie, and Elise. They are not based on kids I met, but they are inspired by my experiences then.

My friend and mentor in youth ministry was Anna-Marie Valles who is also a character in Tommy, Carrie and Elise’s story helping them to make sense of some of the questions they have.

We don’t get to know her well in the book, but I had a chat with her recently about youth ministry and here is an extract from that conversation. I think you will enjoy getting to know her better.


Alison: In the story, Elise shares her problems with you. Do you find teens want to talk to an adult about their problems?


AMV: Kids are hungry to be able to unload their stories on people who are willing to listen. I remember in one club a student said that all day, adults were telling him what to do. But club was a space where people were asking him, “How are you feeling? “What are your thoughts on this?” He was shocked.


Alison: You were only eighteen when you started in youth ministry. After all these years, how do you stay current so kids still want to talk with you?


AMV: If you come to kids with a willingness to learn, you become relevant. Say to them, “Tell me what’s going on?” Don’t pretend you have all the answers. I find that has worked for me. “I don’t know your culture like you do. But I’m willing to see through your lens if you’re able to share that with me.”

Age is interesting. I always worried I would age out. At my application interview for seminary I said, “I always thought if I aged out of youth ministry, I’d be a chaplain.” And the professor called me out on that. You never age out because kids still need that safe place where someone is willing to listen.


Alison: The profits from this book will be used to send kids to camp. Why is this important to you?


AMV: Youth ministry is all relational. But trust can take a while to build. The beauty of camps is that you can create a bond in one week that could take two years without.


And at camp they hear the gospel presented in different ways by different speakers. Other people’s creativity and presentation may reach my students in a way that I haven’t been able to.


What saddens me is not everyone can go because camps are costly. My desire is that every student who wants to go will have the opportunity to do so.


For more of this conversation, see

(Interview transcribed by )

My prayer is that the story of Tommy, Carrie and Elise will be one of those different speakers Anna-Marie talked about, helping kids to begin their own relationship with Jesus.


Thank you.


My Thoughts

If You Really Knew Me is a middle grade fiction book that is written by Alison Cheah. I read this book with my almost 11 year old son, who is finishing up 5th grade and going to be entering middle school next year. This is a great book that is highly recommended for middle grade readers. 

This story focuses on really loving and accepting who you are. The reader group that the author targets is one that in my parenting experience starts to struggle with this. Each of the characters that the author created, represents a child that my child could be friends with. The author does a great job weaving in Bible Stories into the lesson. 

I will admit, I had a rough childhood growing up. I dealt with some serious emotional and mental abuse. I masked my own pain and how bad it was.  I was bullied severely for not having a lot of clothes to wear. I had tried to come forward but was ignored. Some of the characters stories hit close to home with me. However, what our children face now is so much severe then what I did. 

My son and I spoke a lot about this book. He always is the one trying to befriend everyone in school, sometimes it backfires. But this book inspired him. He knows that there are kids that are struggling, and he wants to continue to be the ice breaker for children. 

I strongly recommend this book for those that are middle grader readers, and their parents. My son and I enjoyed this book. Thank you to the author, publisher and Celebrate Lit for allowing me to read a copy of this book. All thoughts are my own. 

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To celebrate her tour, Alison is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 Amazon gift card and a copy of the book!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.