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Saturday, November 11, 2017

CHILDRENS BOOK REVIEW Museum of the Bible Books!

I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to review these four amazing books courtesy of Worthy Publishing.

Book Information

Children of the World Storybook Bible
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Illustrator: The illustrations in this book were collected from children around the globe. The children range in age from 8 to 12 and their names, ages, and locations are identified for each drawing.
Price: $16.99
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 256
Ages: 5–8

This book was so adorable. I loved the different illustrations from all over the world. Inside it reads: About the Book: What makes a story fun or interesting? Not knowing what will happen next? Unexpected turns? Funny events? The Bible is filled with stories with all of these things.
This children's Bible is unique because of the different drawings from all over the world. The picture above  is from Daniel 3 - the drawings are courtesy of Junee, age  9 from Nepal. It is awesome to see the story come to life through a child's eyes.

Wild and Wacky Things in the Bible
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Author: April Lotempio
Price: $12.99
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 160
Ages: 6–9

This one was such a great learning tool. Colton, like his mother, loves fun facts and different random pieces of information. This one featured Old Testament stories. The best thing about it is that it brough them to life. I admit, I usually tend to stay in the New Testament. However we learned so much through this book. 

That’s So Weird!
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Author: Kathleen Long Bostrom
Price: $9.99
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 112
Ages: 5–8

This one was our favorite! We all learned so much from the stories. Everything fact that is mentioned is biblically backed up. Of course my insect loving 6 year old found the fun fact based off of Matthew 3:4

New Living Translation (NLT) John’s clothes were woven from coarse camel hair, and he wore a leather belt around his waist. For food he ate locusts and wild honey.

He thought this was pretty awesome that he ate that kind of stuff and still lived. I asked him if he wanted to eat it for dinner and he said NO WAY!!!

What’s the Bible All About?
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Author/Illustrator: Patricia A. Pingry/Pablo Pino
Price: $7.99
Format: Board book
Page Count: 20
Ages: 2–5

Fun Fact: I wanted to include both my boys in this review. Colton is 6 and Wyatt is 4. However I just declined Wyatt's request for a crabby patty candy so, he really did not want to pose for the picture. Don't let thie picture fool you, he loved this book. Wyatt while we read it remembered some of the stories that have been taught to him in Children's Church.

These were amazing books. They were fun to read for the whole family. If you are new to my blog. There are 5 of us in the home. My 16 year old loved the fun facts and tidbits also. These are a great addition to Family Bible study

I received copies of the books courtesy of the Publisher, Worthy Publishing. All opinions are my own.

Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the Bible. In 2017, Museum of the Bible, which aims to be the most technologically advanced museum in the world, will open its 430,000-square-foot nonprofit museum just three blocks from the Capitol in Washington, D.C. A digital fly-through of the Museum is viewable here.
Museum of the Bible Books website:
General website:
Facebook: @MuseumoftheBible
Instagram: @MuseumofBible
Twitter: @MuseumofBible

Worthy Publishing Group is a privately held, independent voice in inspirational publishing, based in Nashville, TN. Worthy includes five distinct imprints: Worthy Books publishes inspirational works addressing spiritual growth, biblical study, faith and culture, biography, fiction, and specialty Bibles; Museum of the Bible Books is a partnership between Worthy and the Museum, publishing books that reveal the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible; Ellie Claire produces beautifully crafted journals, gifts, and paper expressions; Worthy Inspired publishes felt-need, spiritual growth, inspirational, and devotional books; and WorthyKids/Ideals creates colorful, interactive children’s books, including VeggieTales and Berenstain Bears, for ages 2 to 8.
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