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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Book Review and Giveaway - Bre’s Heavenly Adventures with Jesus by Breanna Brown. On tour with Write Now Book Tours

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Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and Amazon gift card giveaway for Bre’s Heavenly Adventures with Jesus by Breanna Brown. The book tour will run Jan 11-22, 2021.

ASIN : B08R6M41Q1

Genre: Christian Children's Book

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Bre Brown currently serves as the Youth Minister of Watchman Ministries, alongside her Husband Eric Smith, located in Fredericksburg, VA. She’s been regarded, as the "prophetic voice for the next generation." She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Louisville and currently possesses her qualified mental health professional registration in the state of Virginia. She is currently pursuing her graduate certificate in non-profit studies. She is the CEO and founder of Child Enrichment Solutions LLC. Which is a full-service coaching and consulting firm that helps youth to identify negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that inhibit them from achieving personal achievement utilize constructive coping strategies to lead happy, empowered, and successful lives.

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Bre gets angry when her father breaks his promise and refuses to play with her. But Bre's mom tells her that she another father named Jesus-and he is the best father ever. He is always there, always ready to listen, and he will never stop loving her-even when she has made a mistake! So Bre goes to heaven to meet him...and this book will tell you what happened there!

"As the tears began streaming down her face. Her mama stopped to ask, "will you be ok?" Why doesn't he love me? Bre asked. He always does this! Do you think he's mad?"

5 Things You Didn’t Know About 

Bre Brown

  1. Fun fact about me is when I was a teenager, I wanted to be an aspiring rapper. I had a rap name picked out called Lil’ Bre Bre. I remember I would often sit in my room and write for hours and hours. I would often record using a headset computer mic, that I would often hook up to my mom’s old dell computer. However, my rap career ended once my parents made me go to college, where I ended up getting my Bachelor’s in Psychology. Although, my passion has changed since then, what I can say is that often integrate a lot of my old poetic schemes into my children’s books when I’m writing. Overall, writing has definitely been something that is both therapeutic and healing for me.

  1. Growing up, I suffered from depression, anger issues, low self-esteem, lack of identity, being bullied, due to me being mentally, physically and emotionally abused by my father. A lot of times growing up I didn’t feel loved by my family, which resulted in me seeking love and acceptance through a lot of my friendships and past relationships as well as subjecting myself to a lot of reckless behavior as a teen and young adult all to feel accepted. Thus, why I am so passionate about helping youth come to a place where they are getting healed, set free, and learning who they are, so they don’t have to tread down the same path that I did in order to not feel rejected and be loved.

  1. At heart I’m still a big kid, even at 30 years old. I still like to go to amusement parks, go bowling, play putt putt, ride bikes, play video games and watch cartoons lol.

  1. Secretly, I am a beach bum. I love to be any place that has sand and water. Preferably, anywhere that is tropical. Lol. I love to vacation at the beach; it’s the one place out in nature that brings me peace and helps me to rejuvenate.

  1.  Lastly, few of my favorite things are:

-My favorite color is purple because purple is the symbol of royalty

-My favorite number is 8 because it is the number of New Beginnings

-My favorite food is Steak

-My favorite pro basketball team are the Golden State Warriors

-My favorite pro football team are the Seahawks


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Bre’s Heavenly Adventures with Jesus by Breanna Brown is a super cute story. Bre is looking forward to spending some time with her dad. She was so excited about playing with him. She seems to be used to her dad letting her down. She is hopeful and races down the stairs. However, plans have changed and Bre is left hurt and disappointed. Bre's mother sits down and has a heartwarming talk with Bre. Bre learns all about her heavenly father. She learns that He is there for her no matter what. Bre loves this! She runs to her room and prays real hard - and she falls asleep and when she wakes up she is hanging out with Jesus. They have such a grand time and Bre learns a valuable lesson. Jesus is always there for us when we need him to be. She wakes up and feels refreshed. I read this book with my 9 and 7 year old boys. They enjoyed the story and it led to a lot of thought provoking discussions about how we need to turn to Jesus when we are hurt. I loved the story line, the illustrations and the Biblical lessons.

I received a copy of this book thorough Write Now blogging program, all thoughts are my own. .


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