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Sunday, August 20, 2023

My Thoughts - Book: A Little Christian’s 123s Author: Lila Noffsinger


A Little Christian’s 123s Kick-Off Package

About the Book

Book: A Little Christian’s 123s

Author: Lila Noffsinger

Genre: Christian Children’s Picture Book

Release Date: October, 2022

A Little Christian’s 123s is a fun and playful read that teaches kids numbers with rhymes and Bible stories. This charming bite-sized book is packed with Biblical truth, and children learn not only their numbers but also the foundations of Christianity!

Big, bold, colorful numbers help little ones with number recognition, and kids of all ages learn about key biblical stories in this endlessly re-readable book. The pictures are inspired by real, geographic places, and they give adorably illustrated glimpses of what Jericho, Mt. Siani, and the Sea of Galilee actually looked liked!

Kids love this charming book for the colorful and engaging illustrations, and parents love that it teaches numbers wrapped in Biblical truth, and that, with every read, their kids are reminded that Jesus loves them.


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About the Author

Lila Noffsinger grew up in a lazy beach town and now lives in an energetic city with her husband and two daughters. She has always loved sharing her Christian faith through the written word, and she is now excited to share her debut children’s book.

In looking for books for her first daughter, she had difficulty finding options that were not only educational but also spiritually enriching and visually engaging. After having her second daughter, she had some midnight hours to let her mind wander, that wandering turned into what became A Little Christian’s 123s. She looks forward to publishing more books in the Little Chrsitian series, teaching preschool level learning concepts with Bible stories. A Little Christian’s Animals is
currently in the works and expected to be available Fall 2023.

When Lila isn’t writing or researching what camel saddles looked like for a future book (true story), she is playing with her girls, cooking, crafting, reading, and adventuring with her family.


More from Lila

My first daughter was a good sleeper. As an infant, she would wake up, eat, and 20 minutes
later we’d be snuggling into our respective beds to return to dreamland. My second daughter
was a different story. When she woke up and ate, it was only the start of our time together.
To stay awake, I thought of traits of my family for each letter of the alphabet. My daughter is
Adorable, Bubbly, Caring, and so on. After nights of this, it morphed into things from the Bible
for each letter, and then later for each number. I enjoyed dwelling on these thoughts through
the midnight hours.

Meanwhile, in the daylight hours, I struggled to find books I wanted to read to my 1.5 year old.
We read and enjoyed a lot of books! But I desired to find a book that was cute, biblically
enriching, and educational. We had plenty of books that met one or two of the categories, but I
had this unexplainable urge to find a book that hit the trifecta.

Through God’s prompting and my own sleep deprivation, my nighttime musings and my daytime
seekings merged into the idea of writing my own book: A cute, Bible-based book about
numbers 1-10. The trifecta!

The book idea grew, and within the year people were reading published copies of A Little
Christian’s 123s! I am eternally grateful to illustrator Lucy Shin, who took my awful sketches
and pages and pages of historical and geographic reference pictures, and turned them into such
cute and engaging art! Without her, the book may have been educational and biblically
enriching, but I promise you that nobody would have wanted to look at it.

Since publishing the book, it has sold hundreds of copies and been enjoyed by kids all across the
country. My daughter loves to tell me that Jesus loves her and that He is her friend, which she
learned from the last page. I hope and pray that similar experiences are happening in other
homes as well!

It is an honor to be on tour with Celebrate Lit, and to celebrate this tour, I hope that you will
enjoy these coloring pages inspired by the art in A Little Christian’s 123s. Thanks!

My Thoughts 

A Little Christian’s 123s is an adorable picture book that is written by Lila Noffsinger. I really like how it incorporated Bible into learning numbers. Each number has its own page, along with a Bible Reference. The illustrations fit the lesson beautifully. This would make a great addition to children’s libraries. 

Thank you to the author, publisher and Celebrate Lit for allowing me to read a copy of this book. All thoughts are my own. 

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  1. This sounds like a fantastic children's book. Thank you for your review.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind review! I'm so grateful to be featured on your blog!