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Friday, July 7, 2017

Work at Home MAMA! Ways tomake some extra Cash -- SURVEY Edition

I have been asked a lot about different activities that I do to make some extra cash while I am home with my two little guys.

Today I want to visit some of the survey companies that I use regularly.

One thing to remember - the following list will NOT make you rich. Some months It's an extra $50, some months $400. But in my opinion --- every little bit helps!


I love giving my opinions - when I first started started really looking at ways for extra income this was a way that kept popping up in my searches.

Now some of the links that I will be sharing will give me credit for you signing up - but I am only recommending those that I have legit made money on (see some of my screen shots)

1. Pinecone Research

I have been with Pinecone Research for a few years. Sometimes my survey participation slows down.

I generally get 1-2 surveys a week. The good thing that I love about this company is that you generally only get sent surveys that you qualify for.

Here is my cash out for the last year and half. This adds up to about $150 dollars.

For this company - the surveys pay $3 each.   A lot of times I get qualified for full size products to test and then you get a follow up survey (another $3!!!) I usually collect via pay pal - but you can get items in their catalog or gift cards.

Currently I have about $12 that I have not cashed out - I am trying to wait and cash out each month so it's easier on our budget.

Sign Up Here: HERE

2. You Gov

I discovered this site in the past 6 months. It's a bit different then some of the other sites that I have signed up with. It asks a lot about political views. Every survey they send me - I qualify for.
I took a break from working on this company around the election - but have been working on it throughout the last few weeks. Cashout is usually around 25000 points - and you can get a variety of gift cards.

Here are some of my points that I got through out my time with them.

Sign Up: HERE

3. My Soap Box 

I signed up with this company recently - and I love the variety of surveys they have available. I get survey invites every day. I am working on getting better at visiting their site daily. I am ALMOST to cash out - and I have been with them 2 months maximum.

Cashout is 25000 points (on average you can get 500-1250 per survey)

Sign up: HERE

4. Inbox Dollars

I love this site. It's easy to use and has a lot of ways to make some extra money. You can take surveys, print coupons and get credit for every one you use, sign up for free offers, and so much more. Cash out is $30. You also get a FREE $5 for signing up!!!
If you don't qualify for the surveys you get a "spin to win" that you can get cash, sweepstake entries, etc for.

I have been signed up with them for about 2 months and I am ALMOST to cash out.
A lot of places that I print my coupons at are affiliate links - so I print them through Inbox dollars. I get .10 for each coupon that I redeem. It takes a little bit for credit - but like I said: Every bit helps!

Here is some of my recent activity.

Sign Up HERE

5. Global Test Market 

This one I love since I can cash out for gift cards. We have androids - so we cash out for money towards the google play store.

I get several survey notifications daily -- the downside for this one is that you may not always qualify for their surveys.

Sign up: HERE

The next post I will talk about mystery shopping (WHICH IS LEGIT)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Check back! There are other companies I just signed up with and I am testing them out :)

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