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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Book Review: The adventures of VeggieMan By Karla Farach

The Adventures of Veggieman: Book I Food Fight


When Niko starts a new school, he has no idea that he's going to find

himself in the middle of an epic battle

between the forces of good and evil.

Good, nourishing food and evil junk

food, that is.

Things are looking chaotic until

Niko gets help from Veggieman,

a super-cool superhero. Together

with his awesome army of fruits

and veggies, he helps save the

school and all the kids in it. But

the most important thing he

does is show kids that they each

have their own superpowerƒƒ‚‚ƒ‚‚"ƒƒ‚‚ƒ‚‚€ƒƒ‚‚ƒ‚‚"

one we all have and can all use.


Karla Farach is the CEO of Mothers of Health, LLC, a company she founded to inspire women and mothers to adopt a healthier lifestyle. She is passionate about nutrition and wellness and is certified as a health and life coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Karla was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, with her husband and two sons. Karla’s favorite vegetable is kale


This was a super cute book to read with my boys. They are 8 and 7 - and we are slowly transitioning to a more clean eating life style. While my kids love fruits and veggies -they love to snack on chips and candy. This book brought up some good discussions about healthy snacks. I love the theme of this book. Veggies and fruit have major super powers that help keep us healthy.  Beautifully illustrated pictures, entertaining story line and a wonderful life lesson. This book is a must add to your home library. I received a copy of this book through the publisher, Mascot Books all thoughts are my own

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