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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Book Review: Wild about the Alphabet (and other tales) By: Mike Crowder

Wild about the Alphabet!: (and Other Tales) by [Mike Crowder]

An alphabet book for those learning the alphabet, and for those who have to read it to them....

Mike Crowder
Although already a darling of the cognoscenti, it wasn't until his actual birth in 1963 that Mr Crowder began to meet with any popular acclaim.

He was raised in Scenic Rat Town, FLA... in a barn... by wolves... possibly, apes...

Mr Crowder's advances in the science of rocket surgery cannot be ignored. He is older'n God, has an itchy spleen, and a disposition that can only be described as "bad." He and his fabulous wife currently live somewhere in the Southeast with his dogs Bo and Luke, in Rat-Town or maybe somewhere else.

His only regret in life is that it took him so long to find his lovely and capable wife, Gwen


This book was such a cute, fun read. I have an animal crazy 8 year old that loved reading all the fun facts about each letter. Each letter names an animal that starts with that letter, and gives some facts about it. We laughed a lot during this book. It is beautifully illustrated and written. This book has 64 pages, and is geared toward those learning their alphabet. However, I have a 1st grader and 3rd grader who loved this book also. The 1st grader was pleased that he was able to read this himself. 

I received a copy of this book through the publisher, Mascot Books all thoughts are my own. 

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