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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Some days - like the last few weeks have been crazy stressful and downright ugly.

Can anyone vouch for that?

I work full time, I am finishing up my Master's in History (Military History), I have 4 kids, sell on eBay for extra money (we are currently following Dave Ramsey to get out of debt -- it has been life changing), and have several other things on my plate. My days are usually filled with starting off like Mary Poppins -- and by the end I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West.


This morning, the boys were up at 6:38 am. This was the first Saturday that we were able to sleep in, and they were both up before 7. It is almost 9 am -and they are laying in their beds ( I am hoping they take a nap)

The above picture reflects parenting accurately.

BUT - while I end up looking like Monday just hit me in the face with Barb wire - there are such positive moments.

Yesterday, the boys learned to play slapjack, Go Fish, and Old Maid. Stephanie and I played Speed for about an hour (I won all games -- btw) We have not laughed that hard in a long time. NO electronics, distractions, just good old family fun.

This blog was created for laughter, humor, and outlet to my crazy life - as it gets going, please be patient. You may find guest posts written by my children, reviews, give a ways, Pinterest fails, and other entertainment.


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