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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

My Thoughts - The Spy Across The Water by James Naughtie


My Thoughts - The Spy Across The Water by James Naughtie

 The Spy Across the Water (The Will Flemyng Thrillers)


From one of our most treasured BBC broadcasters, The Spy Across the Water is the third instalment in James Naughtie's brilliant spy series, woven around three brothers bound together through espionage.

We live with our history, but it can kill us.

Faces from the past appear from nowhere at a family funeral, and Will Flemyng, spy-turned-ambassador, is drawn into twin mysteries that threaten everything he holds dear.

From Washington, he's pitched back into the Troubles in Northern Ireland and an explosive secret hidden deep in the most dangerous but fulfilling friendship he has ever known.

And while he confronts shadowy adversaries in American streets, and looks for solace at home in the Scottish Highlands, he discovers that his government's most precious Cold War agent is in mortal danger and needs his help to survive.

In an electric story of courage and betrayal, Flemyng learns the truth: that his life has left him a man with many friends, but still alone.


James Naughtie, special correspondent for BBC News, is one of the country's best-known broadcasters. He presented Today on Radio 4 for 21 years, and has reported for the BBC from around the world for more than three decades. Alongside his journalism he has wide cultural interests, and has written and produced many documentaries on music and books, and presented concerts from across Europe for radio and television. On Radio 4, he has hosted every edition of Bookclub since it began in 1998.


The Spy Across The Water is written by James Naughtie. This is book two in the Will Flemying Thriller series. I have not read any of the books - but I did not have any issues following along. This is a thrilling policital thriller espionage story.  The book drew me in within the first few pages. 

Flemyng is now the British Ambassador in Washington. He still has intelligence links. He finds out that his brother, Abel, has been found shot dead. He realizes that he has no idea what his brother has been involved in. 

He finds himself brought back in time to Ireland where there were double agents. Did these past dealings catch up with him? 

The book is well written. There are a lot of characters to keep up with. I hope to read more from this author. Thank you to the author, publisher and Rachels Random Resources for allowing me to read a copy of this book. All thoughts are my own. 

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