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Monday, August 16, 2021

Book Review -- Cold Case Double Cross (Cold Case Investigators #2) by Jessica R. Patch



Cold Case Double Cross

(Cold Case Investigators #2)

They’re on a cold trail

and running out of time.

Convinced his brother was wrongly convicted of murder years ago, detective Cash Ryland’s determined to find the real killer—even if it puts him in the crosshairs. But he needs help from cold case investigator Mae Vogel, whom he mistreated in high school. Can they put their past aside to solve the murder…before the killer succeeds in silencing them for good?

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.


Jessica is the author of the contemporary romance series Seasons of Hope and several Love Inspired Suspense novels. No matter what genre she’s writing in, you’ll always find romance, adventure, some laughs, and a heap of hope. Check out her book club page for bonus features and extras, and don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter to stay “Patched In.”

Jessica lives in the mid-south with her handsome husband and  her two children 

A few fun facts you may not know about Jessica:

  • It’s true, I’ve had nearly every color of hair imaginable.
  • I’ve never received a speeding ticket (everyone who knows me is shocked), but I have crashed into a cop car. Yep, I totally did.
  • I rode an elephant in Thailand and held a monster-sized python. Technically, it took about thirty people to hold it up (the python not the elephant *wink*), but I helped. I have pictures holding the snake somewhere but they’re packed away

Find her on her website Here


I took this book to the pool while my kids were swimming one Sunday Afternoon. I figured I could get some reading done while they swam. I got so into the book that I lost all track of time and they were ready to go home and tired of swimming. I was not ready to be done reading. I came home and finished this book in one sitting. Every book that I read by this author gets better and better. 

This is book two in the Cold Case Investigations series. These are stand alone books - but there will be references to the first stories characters. In this book we see Mae and Cash. They went to high school together. Cash stayed in their small town, Mae went out and made a name for herself. She is a cold case investigator for the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. Her father does not approve of what she has chosen for her career. She is home visiting with family due to the decline in health with her Grandma Rose. Cash and Mae run into each other during a Fourth of July celebration. 

Cash needs Mae's help. Cash does not believe that his brother is responsible for the murder of his wife. However, he has been tried and convicted and everyone in their small town feels like it is a closed case. He asks for Mae's help. Mae and Cash have a painful history. Mae still holds a lot of anger and hurt toward Cash. However when several attempts are made on their lives, Mae believes maybe Troy is innocent. Cash and Mae dig in and try to figure out who would have killed Troy. What they uncover is shocking and could lead to a lot of downfall. 

This author will take you on a WILD adventure. I have been on her street team for awhile now, so after I read this book I messaged her and told her how in SHOCK I was. I had NO idea who was behind everything until the last 15 pages. She is a master at what she does and will throw many many wrenches into the story. 

Well written characters, suspenseful action packed storyline, and so much more. I LOVE this series. I am excited to read the next book. 

I received a copy of this book through the author and publisher, all thoughts are my own. 

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