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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Book Review and Giveaway - The Adventures of Forkman: What's That Noise? by Tiffany Caldwell and W.R. MacKenzie on tour with IRead Book Tours


Book Details:

Book Title:  The Adventures of Forkman: What's That Noise? by Tiffany Caldwell and W.R. MacKenzie
Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
Genre:  Children's Picture Book
Publisher:  Mascot Books
Release date:   Jan 2021
Format available for review:  print (USA only), ebook (PDF)
Will send print books out:  USA
Tour dates: Feb 1 to Mar 5, 2021
Content Rating:  G. This children's book is for everyone.
Book Description:

When poor manners are present, Forkman will be there to save the day! Join Kathryn and William as they learn how to load the dishwasher properly and avoid inappropriate distractions at the table with the help of all their utensil friends. This second book in the Adventures of Forkman series is a great introduction to mealtime etiquette for readers of all ages.
Meet the Authors:

Tiffany Caldwell: I have worked with children for over thirteen years and every year basic manners become less evident. When I was growing up, my sisters and I took etiquette classes during the summer while we visited our grandparents. Etiquette was always a big part of our upbringing. ​ When we would have our family dinners, my dad, W.R. MacKenzie, would make our utensils come to life as we were eating. Forkman became a part of our dinner routine! ​ I am a mother of three great kids and military wife to my hero. A few years ago, I told my dad we needed to start writing our story. We are so excited to share Forkman with the world!

W.R. MacKenzie: I spent thirty-nine years in the bakery business. After I retired and my four children were grown, I felt it was time to share the importance of the family meal with the world. ​​​​​The Adventures of Forkman teaches children how to properly conduct themselves at the table. Our books are filled with characters all children can relate with and I believe Forkman and his crew will help children of all ages learn manners and table etiquette.

connect with the authors: website ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads

Author Interview:

1. How did you do research for your book? Research for the book comes from basic table manners handed down to me through the teachings of my Mother and Grandmother. I paid this forward at the family dinner table after my children were born; additionally, my daughters attended Etiquette classes when they were young.

2. Which was the hardest character to write?  Hardest and yet easiest, Forkman.  Easy to make him the central character…but to create and introduce a talking Fork with a cape, would take a bit of imagination and silliness with just enough convincing to intrigue young readers. 

3. In your book you make a reference to Forkman, how did you come up with this idea?  My explanation of how my Dad taught me… back when I was a young man, teaching wasn’t always so delicate!  If I made the mistake of eating with my elbows on the table-a manner I had certainly been taught, my Dad would nicely bump my elbow with the butt end of a table knife to get them off the table.   Forkman came alive when I realized the I could not tap my daughters elbows with an instrument to teach them, so I would say  in an animated voice, “Forkman says get your Elbows off the table” and so on.

4. What made you write a book about…?  In 2010 my daughter Tiffany came to me, as her family was beginning and suggested we should write a book about Forkman.  Truly never thought about writing a book about Forkman until that moment.  Parents teach all the time; these silly lessons made an impression and I truly loved the idea of us creating this series together-Father and Daughter!

5. Where do you get inspiration for your stories? Everyday life at the family table; watching other families at restaurants…who have children struggling with the basics; visiting family and friends and seeing who is cleaning up and how, do they involve the children or are they just catered to and never really learn.  Keep your eyes open and you see the need for these lessons everywhere.

6. There are many books out there about….What makes yours different? There are many books on Etiquette, but there are none with a superhero Fork!

7.. What advice would you give budding writers?  Don’t let anyone tell you, that you can’t do it! Journaling at a young age…take notes, lists, jot ideas and new words down-one day you will find yourself with the beginnings of something great!

My Thoughts:
I read this book with my 9 and 7 year old boys. This book could not have come at a better time. We have been struggling and forgetting how to use our manners. This is a book all about table manners. My boys loved that the superhero was a fork. Forkman helps the kids to stay on track when it's their favorite night - Game Night! But first - they have to load the dishwasher. I love how fun the author made this chore - it actually helped in my household. My boys now pick up "Forkman" and ask what the next step is in clearing the table. 
This book is well written, beautifully illustrated and a fun read. The book does start on chapter 3 - but it rolls nicely. 
Thank you to Iread Book tours and the author for allowing me to read and review this book. 

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